Posted: May 29,2020
by: Sean Darcy
GoDBLedger is an open source accounting system designed to provide users with useful technical features that most accounting systems lack.
Easy 2 Visa
Posted: Jun 4,2020
by: Sid Lammata
Bringing travellers & agents together!
Unstuck Consulting
Posted: Dec 17,2019
by: Bryan Smith
An outside perspective to aid in forward momentum.
The Future of Product Development post 2020- Lunchn Learn series
Posted: May 13,2020
by: Alex Pantea
This Thursday 14 May Lunch’n’Learn online event at 12.30 - How to product innovate 10X faster at a tenth of the cost post COVID-19 - register here:
My Startup
Posted: May 11,2020
by: Jenny Founder
Our startup app can be downloaded for your next flight, bus, train, or road trip.
Test Your Ideas
Posted: Mar 4,2020
by: Gage Milecki
Ask a market research question and get guaranteed responses and results, all for FREE!
Posted: Mar 17,2020
by: Varya Nekhina
Oursky has 12 years of experience working with startups and delivering consumer-facing apps and websites. We help startups with MVP, technical architecture, can act as a CTO, create user-centered designs. We also provide AI solutions.
Posted: Dec 12,2019
by: Luke Henningsen is an online community dedicated to startups and people who want to work with and for startups. Ucities connects Founders with the local people and resources they need as their business grows. We are strong supporters of Silicon Beach communities everywhere.
Blissful Work
Posted: Feb 5,2020
by: Rajat Bhalla
Organisations are finding it harder and harder to create an environment where the human side of business is not ignored in their relentless pursuit of products and services that delight the customers. ​ I help with this by bridging the final frontier of a happy work culture - Kindness. I offer practical advice and methods that can be integrated into your everyday work which can improve the quality of life at work and even make it Blissful.
Posted: Jan 26,2020
by: Greg Dziemidowicz
Sailing in virtual reality. Inspiring, training and connecting sailors worldwide using consumer immersive tech.
Posted: Jan 24,2020
by: Stuart Jones
Travel company for small business owners to work ON their business, not just IN it. Past events in Bali, Spain, Tuscany and sailing the Mediterranean. Coming up Murray River Houseboat Sailing and Fraser Island.
LI Labs
Posted: Jan 23,2020
by: Mark Cooray
LI Labs is a digital platform provider with a purpose to deliver all types of businesses the right platform that help achieve customer expectations
30 Days to Awaken Your Inner Guru
Posted: Jan 17,2020
by: admin
In 30 days you will discover how to tune into your inner Guru and awaken it. Once awoken you will no longer be a victim to your circumstances. You will be empowered by the inspired vision of you. You will step into a future you didn't know was even possible. As a Silicon Beach member you get a 10% Discount. Use SILICONBEACH as the coupon code when you checkout.
Join the free Design Thinking webinar!
Posted: Jan 15,2020
by: Annelou Jansen
Design Thinking Webinar on Thursday 30th of January, 4 pm.
Posted: Dec 20,2019
by: David Hauser
We provide high-quality reasonably-priced software development services such as Websites, Mobile apps, UI/UX designs etc. All details are at this link
HR Advisory & Mentoring Community
Posted: Dec 17,2019
by: John Cooksey
A 'tribe' focused on human resources planning and challenges as we move into a new decade.
Posted: Dec 5,2019
by: Oluwamide Agunloye
We build tracking devices that are very inexpensive to manufacture and use!
Posted: Nov 29,2019
by: Dhruv Verma
A new way for teens to professionally network and get the resources they need to achieve their goals and collaborate with others.
Posted: Nov 27,2019
by: Nazeel Abdul Rahman
One stop to store and synchronise your contact details with businesses
CivVic Labs: How to keep teenagers active
Posted: Nov 15,2019
by: Maggie Scott
Three week piece of work (beg Wed 20/11) to be part of pre-accelerator. Three companies competing for one to be selected for funding and potential government contract for the service.
Posted: Oct 10,2019
by: admin
​In today’s digital world the most valuable skill of all is connecting with others, to understand and be understood. Simpateco equips founders, startups and anybody who needs to connect with others with the interpersonal skills that technology cannot provide.
Calinduu COLIVING Communities
Posted: Nov 1,2019
by: David Hauser
calinduu coliving live with your tribe of likeminded different THNKers
Silicon Beach Marketing Automation
Posted: Oct 10,2019
by: admin
Automate the Silicon Beach event process to streamline our activity’s
Reputationaire – trust that’s easy to prove
Posted: Oct 12,2019
by: David Hauser
Our blockchain-enabled platform allows you to unlock the massive value locked away in your existing reputations. You can link any of your websites, for example Airbnb for your guest score or Upwork for your reviews as a gig worker.
Dado App
Posted: Oct 11,2019
by: David Hauser
Dado app is a contact sharing app (some would call it a business card app) that is designed to make sharing any of your contact details as easy and quickly as possible. 
Wake up on Earth – Strategic Marketing Services
Posted: Oct 11,2019
by: David Hauser
Wake up on Earth excels in providing clients with the very best strategic services for their social media. We help businesses that are just starting their online presence or helping businesses grow or revamp their online presence to provide a more coherent and unique online presence, creating you a stronger brand and increasing your leads.
EATT Magazine Your Travel Podcast
Posted: Oct 11,2019
by: David Hauser
The EATT Magazine Travel Podcast offers free podcasts to download to include on your next flight, bus, train or road trip. Download a podcast so you can listen anytime without wifi.
Melbourne Super Transformation Habits
Posted: Oct 11,2019
by: David Hauser
Stress and anxiety arises out of not living your truth or authenticity, which causes unhappiness and discontentment to arise.We do believe that happier people make better connections and live better lives, to ultimately make a better world.
Co-Living…Accelerate Your Business And Light-Up Your Lifestyle!
Posted: Oct 11,2019
by: Fayaz Ahamed
Discover why co-living is fast becoming THE essential ingredient for success as a young entrepreneur. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE OR REGISTER YOUR FREE TICKET NOW