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Reputationaire – trust that’s easy to prove
Author: David Hauser
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Own Your Ratings And Reviews

Our blockchain-enabled platform allows you to unlock the massive value locked away in your existing reputations.

You can link any of your websites, for example Airbnb for your guest score or Upwork for your reviews as a gig worker.

You are empowered to reveal these verified reputations, over and over again, instantly proving you are trustworthy as part of any application or signup process, for example to secure a tenancy agreement, a loan, or a job as an Upworker.

We’ve built Reputationaire on a blockchain giving you ownership, security, privacy and control.

Via your private trust vault, you and only you, have ownership of not only your data but more importantly the reputation that you’ve invested time carefully building.

And you’ll be able to take your reputation with you between services, so you’ll never have to start from zero stars when joining a new service.

We help overcome negative bias and lack of trust with the option to remain anonymous yet trusted.

Reliant on antiquated reference checks?

Reputationaire gives any organisation one click (or API) access to verified third party ratings and reviews of their applicants/signups from websites the applicant already uses.

Our clients have found social verified proof is quicker, fairer, more inclusive and often more reliable than reference, credit and background checks.

For example, IT recruiters get one click access to verified tech skills on Github, LinkedIn, Stackoverflow and “culture value add” and interpersonal skills from ratings on websites such as Airbnb helping them find the “diamond in the rough”.

And Estate Agents can now risk profile tenants via Airbnb and other social proof websites.

Additionally signups to online marketplaces can now bring their ratings with them so they don’t have to start untrusted and unable to participate – reducing peer to peer services’ churn and disengagement.

IBM awarded us $220k to help build our tech, which got us into YCombinator Startup School and it’s now ready for foundation partner organisations who understand trust is priceless.
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