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Melbourne Super Transformation Habits
Author: David Hauser
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Self Funded
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Business Partner, Technical Specialist, Marketing, Venue

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• Are you stressed out/anxious/ overwhelmed? • Are you tired, in pain and simply unfulfilled? • Are you looking for direction/purpose in your life? Stress and anxiety arises out of not living your truth or authenticity, which causes unhappiness and discontentment to arise.We do believe that happier people make better connections and live better lives, to ultimately make a better world. This Meetup is designed to build a community of happy, healthy and fulfilled people living their best lives yet. We aim to help you in your transformation through: • Stress management • Working towards a happy and positive outlook in life, career and relationships • Build confidence and good habits towards well-being There will be events scheduled across Melbourne, with access to a community of like-minded people who will inspire and motivate you, including coaches and mentors to help you towards your transformation. Melbourne Super Transformation Habits’ mission is to empower you to reach your highest potential; by inspiring and motivating you to dream big and follow through by taking charge of your own life. We will organise networking events followed by motivational speeches and panel discussions under the broad banner of self-development; including and not limited to stress-management, building confidence, efficiency, productivity, finding clarity and purpose, holistic wellness and any other tools and practices that unleash your best. We also strive to build a network that helps connect you to like-minded members and invite coaches and leaders in the industry to grow your professional and social circle. By providing you with events and tools that will spark that creativity to enhance the soft skills on this journey towards being the best version of you and dream BIG! Empowering You to reach your highest potential. Yours in Transformation Nadira and David
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