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Co-Living…Accelerate Your Business And Light-Up Your Lifestyle!
Author: Fayaz Ahamed
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Discover why co-living is fast becoming THE essential ingredient for success as a young entrepreneur. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE OR REGISTER YOUR FREE TICKET NOW (   ========================== How Does Co-Living Work? ==========================   As entrepreneurs we tend to live a little differently to most.   We work way more hours each week than our friends and family do. And then when we get home at the end of the day, it’s almost impossible to switch off. There’s always more quick task to complete. One more idea to write down before you go to sleep. As a result, our social lives tend to suffer. When friends are out partying and socializing, we’re forever working on our business or start-up idea.   And that’s where co-living comes in. First of all, co-living is NOT a co-working space, or simply a share house.   It’s WAY more than that.   1.) Co-living solves all the issues entrepreneurs face when they’re away from their office.   2.) It’s a place for support, networking, relaxing and growing your business all in one.   3.) It’s a place where you can come home and unwind after work… but in an environment that also accelerates your entrepreneurial activities.   4.) Want to discuss your day with people who actually understand what you’re going through? CHECK!   5.) Want to share your business ideas and collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs while relaxing over a drink, or dinner? CHECK!   6.) Want to just retire to your room and chill because you’ve had a long hard day… without feeling guilty that you’re not socializing with your flatmates? CHECK!   CLAIM YOUR FREE TICKET HERE (   ************************************************* So… Who Should Attend This Exciting Event? *************************************************   #1: Any entrepreneur who loves the co-working environment and would love to continue being around other like-minded entrepreneurs after hours   #2: Any entrepreneur who is looking for a fun, creative and collaborative living environment… in some of Melbourne’s most desirable locations   #3: Any entrepreneur who is sick of endless small talk and would love to live in an environment where business was the topic of choice   #4: Any entrepreneur who has had enough of living with random flatmates or friends that don’t support their vision and lifestyle   See you there!   Silicon Beach   *** RSVP to Reserve Your Seat Now ***
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