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In today’s digital world the most valuable skill of all is connecting with others, to understand and be understood.
Simpateco equips founders, startups and anybody who needs to connect with others with the interpersonal skills that technology cannot provide.
Whether you are pitching an investor, speaking to a crowd, negotiating with a client, engaging a customer or building a team it is your ability to create a connection and communicate your vision which makes a lasting impression and inspires action.

​Simpateco was by founded Dan and Linda O’Grady who share years of collective experience in dealing with that most mysterious of creatures – the human being.
Dan’s careers in hospitality, retail, sales and marketing and Linda’s background in acting, corporate training, sales and marketing has given them a passion to help others overcome communication barriers.

We provide coaching, training and upskilling in:

  • ​Pitching
  • Presentation Skills
  • Creating A Compelling Story
  • Understanding Temperaments & Communication Styles
  • One On One Communication & Sales
  • Telephone Technique
  • Creating A Team Culture
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